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Macro update

A small, but lucky, update on the gallery. This year was the first time I actually encountered a crab spider (Thomisus Onustus), and I managed to grab some pictures after it caught its unfortunate prey, which seems like a subspecies of the western honey bee (Apis Mellifera) to my untrained eye.

Thomisus Onustus feeding on an Apis Mellifera(?)

It was interesting to see a crab spider on an environment which does not favor the color of this particular specimen. Since they do not build webs to catch their prey, they rely on the camouflage to hunt.

I'm also happy on the lighting on the picture turned out. It was a test of sorts for my flash support, which holds my Meike MK300 right on top of the lens, pointing down. I got a bit of shadow from the top part of the flower, but nothing problematic. Although next time I should try a smaller aperture to try and squeeze the most of the already diminute depth of field, even if it means sacrificing some ambient light, or raising the ISO a bit.

On the outing I also managed to shoot a butterfly (identification pending). A challenge on itself, due to the difficulty that is getting closer to them. There's a reason why macro photographers recommend a lens around the 200mm range, and it's because they give you a far larger distance to the subject thant the 100mm macro lens that I use. Still, with a lot of patience and very slow movements, it's possible for one to get closer:

Unidentified butterlfy

This one turned out better in terms of lighting (using the same setup as before), but I'm not as happy with the depth of field. If it had a bit more, and if I payed attention and didn't cut off its wings, maybe it could be an even better picture.

Anyway, hope you enjoyed this small update and stay tuned for something new coming in the next days!